New 'Patriot Patrol' AR-15 Finally Goes on Sale In the US - But Is It Really The Most Reliable Defensive Rifle in the World?

April 18th, 2024, 6:37 AM
The Patriot Patrol AR-15
Is this the most reliable defensive rifle in the world?

This new American-made AR-15 is practically indestructible. Built to not just meet, but exceed exacting Mil-Spec standards with premium components - it's designed to be the ultimate home defense and patrol rifle. 

Now on a special promotion offer in the US - but is it really as good as they say?

AR-15 rifles are popular for a reason.

They're versatile, customizable, and effective for home defense, hunting, and target shooting...

However, there's always been a big problem - most AR-15s are mass-produced with cost-cutting measures that can lead to reliability issues...

Now there's a new rifle on the market in the US.

Made for patriots by patriots, this new AR-15 is built like a tank. It's also  surprisingly affordable for a custom-built rifle.

But how good is it really?

It's called the Patriot Patrol AR-15.

In short, this rifle is a beast.

Originally designed to meet the demands of the instructors at the elite Patriot Training Center in Alabama, it's become super popular with prepared citizens who want a no-compromise defensive rifle they can stake their lives on.

Where a normal factory AR-15 might fail under harsh conditions or high round counts - the Patriot Patrol AR-15 is in its element.

An AR-15 Made To SurviveThe Toughest SHTF and Combat Situations...

We said it's tough, but how tough?

The upper and lower receivers are precision machined from Mil-Spec aluminum forgings to extremely tight tolerances.

The barrel is crafted from rugged 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium steel, with a QPQ Corrosion Resistant finish for ultimate durability. The 1:7 twist stabilizes a wide range of ammunition for adaptability.

The bolt carrier group is machined from 8620 steel with a properly staked gas key - built to the same standards as the M16 rifles carried by the US military.

These premium materials and precise manufacturing come together to create a rifle that will run reliably in the harshest conditions!

You can drive it hard in a high-round count training course, expose it to the elements on a backcountry hunting trip, even use it to defend your home in the middle of the night - the Patriot Patrol AR-15 is designed to survive the harshest conditions possible.

It's no wonder that the rifle's designers trust the Patriot Patrol to protect their own families...

Also Built for Accuracy and Shootability...

The Patriot Patrol isn't just insanely tough.

It's also designed to deliver the accuracy and ergonomics you need to dominate any situation.

The 16" lightweight profile barrel is an ideal balance of maneuverability and velocity. The 1:7 twist rate stabilizes a wide range of bullet weights, from 55gr to 77gr.

The barrel is fitted to the upper receiver with a proprietary process that ensures perfect headspacing and concentricity - giving you every possible mechanical accuracy advantage.

In fact, every Patriot Patrol AR-15 must shoot 1 MOA groups or less before it ships - and you'll have the proof target signed and dated by the rifle's builder.

On top of that, you get a crisp Geissele Automatics Advanced Combat Trigger (ACT) - a major upgrade over the standard mil-spec trigger.

The B5 Systems BRAVO Stock provides a rock-solid cheek weld and superior ergonomics, while the Radian Raptor-LT charging handle allows you to work the rifle smoothly from either side.

Finally, the B5 Systems P-Grip 23 pistol grip offers a comfortable, high-traction hold that's ideal for defensive use.

One of the only companies that GUARANTEES their rifle is "sniper" accurate (sub-MOA)

Pictured Above: First 3-shot group (including cold bore first shot) of Patriot Patrol AR-15. Group size measures 0.271 MOA.
They don't just claim the Patriot Patrol AR-15 is insanely accurate...

They prove it, and they even guarantee it!

After the rigorous, hand-built process of crafting this rifle -- and the reliability testing -- they then proof-test every rifle for accuracy.

They guarantee every Patriot Patrol AR-15 will shoot Sub Minute of Angle (MOA) or less utilizing match-grade ammunition.

(PTC Armory uses the industry guidelines and define sub-MOA as a group size of 1 inch or under at 100 yards with a 3 shot magazine fed group, or 5 shot single-loaded group factory ammo.)

What is so special about a Sub-MOA rifle?

1-MOA (one minute of angle, means 1/60 of a 1 degree) is a measurement unit used in long distance shooting…

Without going into too much math (because it’s not exactly 1-inch), it’s roughly equivalent to a rifle that’s capable of putting all the shots into a circle at 100yds that’s less than 1” in circumference.

In short, a rifle that is Sub-MOA accurate is "sniper rifle" accurate, and capable of delivering accurate hits inside a roughly 10” circle even at 1,000 yds!

The bottom line is that every rifle ships only after being accuracy proven to shoot a sub-MOA group, and the customer gets a copy of the target along with the details of the ammunition used to shoot it.

What else do you get in the Patriot Patrol AR-15?

Quite a lot!

The Patriot Patrol is packed with carefully-selected features for the modern defensive rifle:

✅ Mid-length gas system - Smoother recoil impulse and greater reliability than carbine-length

✅ H2 buffer and Mil-Spec spring - Fine-tuned action for a wide range of ammo

✅ Midwest Industries 13.4" M-LOK handguard - Rock-solid, free-float design for lights, lasers and grips

✅ Magpul MBUS sights - Rugged, lightweight backup irons that get you on target fast

✅ A2 Flash Hider - Reduces visible signature and protects your night vision

✅ Cerakote finish - Durable ceramic coating protects against wear and corrosion

✅ Sub-MOA accuracy guarantee - Your rifle will shoot 1" groups or less at 100 yards

and much, much more!

You feel like you have a trustworthy ally that's up for any challenge, right there in your hands.

One thing is for certain, when you pick up a Patriot Patrol AR-15, you'll know instantly that no corners were cut in building the ideal defensive rifle.

The ONLY Company That Not Only Sells You An AR-15, But Will Train You How To Use It

Every person who buys the Patriot Patrol AR-15 gets to attend the $1,500 2-day tactical training -- Patriot Rifle -- class for free (promotional video for this class is above). This is unheard of for a gun manufacturer to not only sell guns but also provide the tactical training to use it!
PTC Armory is also the only company we’ve investigated that not only manufactures and sells a premium AR-15 to the public that’s better than issued Spec Ops gear…

But they’re also the only rifle manufacturer that offers live, hands-on, tactical training courses to teach you how to use the rifle to defend yourself and your loved ones.

The founder of PTC Armory, Caleb explains “This was one of my “secret” reasons that I decided to start manufacturing firearms… ”

“Simply put, I want to help raise the minimum standards, capabilities and skills of all gun owners in America…

“That’s why I started Patriot Training Center where we teach live training courses to ordinary Americans like your readers…

“The 2-Day Patriot Rifle course is our flagship rifle/carbine course that every American should take! This is a 2-day, LIVE, hands-on training event where you will discover how to effectively use and fight with your rifle from CQB (Close Quarters Battle) distances of 7-10yds—all the way out to 300+yds.

“This is exactly what you need if you own not just our Patriot Patrol AR-15, but ANY rifle…

“And, the fact is, you need this class even if you only have your rifle for home defense… Or you want to know how to use it if you and your neighbors ever have to team up to defend your neighborhood… Or you simply have it because it’s fun to shoot at the range.”

The 2-Day Patriot Rifle course tuition fee is $1,500 if purchased through their website alone.

However, every customer that buys a rifle from PTC Armory gets to take this $1,500 2-day tactical training course for free!

What Did Our Editorial Team Think?

"The Patriot Patrol is an outstanding rifle. The build quality and attention to detail are second to none. If you're serious about protecting your family, this is the AR-15 you want." - Jack, Editor

"I've shot a lot of AR-15s, but the Patriot Patrol stands out. The trackable accuracy, reliability, and overall feel of the rifle are top-notch. It's a true 'do-it-all' carbine." - Mark, Contributor

"PTC Armory has hit it out of the park with the Patriot Patrol. The craftsmanship and performance are what you'd expect from a custom rifle, but at a much more affordable price. I highly recommend it." - Chris, Senior Writer

How Much Does the Patriot Patrol AR-15 Cost?

With its premium components and meticulous hand-built quality, you might expect the Patriot Patrol to cost $4,000 or more.

However, the team at PTC Armory believes that every American should have access to a top-tier defensive rifle. That's why they've priced the Patriot Patrol at just $3,500 MSRP.

But it gets even better...

As part of a special introductory offer, the first 20 lucky patriots can claim their Patriot Patrol for a STEEP discount off the retail price.

Click here to see if the Patriot Patrol promotion is still available »

When you consider that this rifle is built to outperform military-issue M4s costing twice as much, it's clear that the Patriot Patrol is a smart investment in your family's safety.

And remember, each rifle is hand-built to order by a skilled American craftsman. You're not just getting an assembly-line gun - you're getting a piece of functional art that will be passed down for generations.

Why The Current Discount?

PTC Armory is currently hosting a special promotion for the launch of the Patriot Patrol AR-15.

This is your chance to be one of the first to own this incredible rifle - and save big in the process.

But you'll need to act fast...

With only 20 rifles available at this introductory price, they're sure to sell out quickly.

Don't miss your chance to claim your Patriot Patrol at a massive discount.

Click here to check availability and lock in your savings »

After this initial run, the price could jump back up to the full MSRP - so don't hesitate!

Is the Patriot Patrol AR-15 Right for You?

If you're serious about protecting your loved ones in an increasingly uncertain world, then the answer is a resounding yes.

The Patriot Patrol is built for the prepared citizen who demands the best.

It's not a safe queen or a range toy - it's a tool that you can bet your life on when things go sideways.

Whether you're a first-time AR-15 buyer or a seasoned shooter looking for the ultimate defensive carbine, the Patriot Patrol will exceed your expectations.

And with the current introductory offer, there's never been a better time to claim yours.

Remember, PTC Armory is so confident in the Patriot Patrol that they back it with a 100% Bulletproof Lifetime Guarantee. If anything ever fails, they'll make it right - no questions asked.

But this special offer won't last long...

Conclusion: Is the Patriot Patrol the Ultimate Defensive Rifle?

Based on our research and testing, we believe it is.

No other AR-15 on the market offers this level of quality, reliability, and performance at anywhere near this price point.

If you're looking for a rifle that you can trust to protect your family in the gravest extreme - look no further.

The Patriot Patrol AR-15 is the answer.

Just remember, the introductory offer is only available for a very limited time. If you want to secure your rifle at the special launch price, you need to act now.

Where Can I Order My Patriot Patrol AR-15?

To take advantage of the special introductory offer, you'll need to order your Patriot Patrol directly from PTC Armory.

Here's what to do:

>> Select the Patriot Patrol AR-15 and add it to your cart

>>  Complete your order and wait for your rifle to be custom-built

>> Pick up your Patriot Patrol from your FFL and enjoy!

Remember, because each rifle is hand-built to order, there will be a short wait time before your Patriot Patrol is ready to ship. But trust us - it's well worth the wait.

PRO TIP: With only 20 rifles available, the Patriot Patrol WILL sell out fast. If you want to guarantee you get yours at the discounted price, we highly recommend placing your order as soon as possible!
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