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How To Build Your Own 100% Untraceable "Ghost Glock" 9mm Handgun In Less Than 1 Hour
Inside this DVD, you'll discover how to build your own handgun with just a handful of tools and simple, inexpensive parts. No Serial Number. No Registration. 100% Legal in all 50 states*.
All it takes is THREE simple steps and LESS than one hour of total work  to complete this unregistered handgun yourself, at home,  with simple hand tools!
Trump is good news for gun rights, but you never know what could happen behind his back because thousands of local, state and federal officials want to ban guns.

Now is the time for you to get the information you need to ensure that you can defend yourself and your family no matter what the future brings...

When you follow the "Underground Glock-Style" DVD training program you'll be able to build your own Glock-style 9mm handgun using nothing more than a few common tools.

No expensive milling machines, no 3D printers. All you'll need is the DVD, a drill or drill press, some common hand tools, and you can build your own untraceable handgun in less than one hour.

With those simple tools and the this breakthrough DVD you'll be able to build your own 9mm handgun in any configuration imaginable.
No Serial Number. No Registration. 100% Legal.
Simplicity is the secret here.

In this simple DVD you'll discover every step and actually see how to build your very own 9mm Glock-style handgun "off the books" because you'll watch me as I did in my own basement!

Just follow the steps to make your own, and it's a LOT easier than you might think...
Yes, You Can Build Your Own "Ghost Glock" 9mm Handgun Just Like Mine And The Government Will Never Know About It!
This is a picture of my personal Glock-style 9mm handgun that I built with no serial number and no registration. It's completely untraceable.
Here's How Building Your Own Glock-Style Handgun At Home Can Even SAVE You Money...
A Glock 17 Gen 3 can easily cost over $600 if you buy it new from the gun store. In fact, here's an online store selling one for almost $700 ...
The truth is, you'll only have to invest a fraction of that to build it yourself...

You'll get the rugged reliability that Glocks are known for because you'll be using the same "internal parts" that make these handguns work, but you'll be building the receiver by hand...

And even better, because you're building it, it will be 100% custom to how you like it. 

In fact, because you'll be only using the parts you want to use to build your handgun, you'll be able improve anything you don't like about factory Glock handguns ... 

If you want a better trigger you can do that ... 

If you want better sights, that's easy too ... 

The truth is it's all up to you and it might even save you money. 

Look at it this way: many people buy a Glock handgun for $600 or more. 

Then they don't like the sights, so they spend another $190 getting good, steel, night sights ... 

And they don't like the trigger, so they spend another $150 upgrading the trigger ... 

After just a few upgrades and they've already spent near $1,000 upgrading a brand-new handgun! 

Doesn't it just make sense to simply build the handgun you actually want, from the start?
You Should Know, You Don't Have To Build a 9mm Because You Can Also Use This Same DVD To Build Your Own Handgun in .40 S&W and even .357 Sig!
Over 2,000 Copies Sold... But You Get It FREE Today!
Why in the world am I giving this DVD away FREE?

It's very, very simple - I Believe In Your 2nd Amendment Rights! 

Because Every Patriot Should Have This Powerful Information! 

I knew there must be thousands of other Americans just like me, who could see this country is going down the wrong path …

That you can see you’re losing your rights day by day with every insane law passed in Washington...

That you and other patriots would want to step up and take control of your own life, your own destiny, and have the power to protect your family and keep them safe – without relying on the government or someone else to do it for you!

I knew this information was way too important – and critically vital in these troubling times – to keep to myself.

In short, I want to get the Underground G-Style Handgun DVD into as many American hands as possible.

Every person who gets it is one more person who can help defend the American Way from what's coming down the pipe...
So What's Inside The Underground G-Style Handgun DVD?
• How to build your own handgun in your garage with simple power tools –-no welding, and no expensive machining involved!

• Where to buy the “blank lower receiver” that has no serial number – the #1 most critical part that makes this all work!

• The single most important “tool” you’ll need to complete the job and exactly where to get it for the absolute best price (without this—you might ruin your gun in no time!)

• Where to buy the other parts for your handgun and the critical things you should look out for to make sure it’s as accurate and reliable as possible.

• How to make a few simple tweaks to make it 10x easier (this is the info you ONLY learn through trial and error!)

• Where to buy the exact parts that can "upgrade" your handgun so it's more reliable, more accurate and YOU shoot better and faster automatically!

… Plus much, much MORE!
Remember, it only takes three simple steps to
complete your handgun once you have the parts.
Even better... 

It only took me about 45 minutes--less than an hour of total work time to finish my handgun!

With this DVD in your hands, you should be able to complete yours even faster and easier...
I'm Also Giving You The Manual FREE Today!
To make sure you have absolutely everything you need—you get the entire process covered in my short and to-the-point DIY (do-it-yourself) manual too!

One word of warning ...

If you expect a huge, weighty, philosophical tome here – you are completely mistaken.

This manual and the videos have been carefully constructed and cut down to the bare, practical, DIY essentials. No fluff or filler.

There is not one word or image or frame of video that does not give you a benefit immediately…

That means you can finish your reading and watch the videos in the same weekend and be ready to start your project as QUICKLY as humanly possible ...

But the REWARDS from this project will last a life-time – your handgun may even be passed down for generations as a family heirloom with a unique “how your grandpa built it” story too …

What’s more: this information will help protect your family FOREVER!

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If you have any questions at all you can just pick up the phone or type up an email and you'll have your answers immediately.

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